Customized Tank Weighing Systems

Customized Tank/Hopper/Vessel Weighing System

Caliber scale is leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in customized tank, hopper and vessel weighing system. Tank, Hopper or Vessel Weighing Systems are specialised solutions giving accurate weighing information for vessels, tanks or hoppers. These Systems are functionally versatile and can be mounted over or under the vessels/tanks/hoppers giving accurate information of weight, either empty or full. We are the best customized tank weighing system manufacturer in Delhi. It is a reliable and effective solution with many benefits.


  • Easy to install and can be easily installed in limited space.
  • Can Handle Tanks, weighing from as low as 100Kg to as high as 100MT
  • Any kind of material can be weighed including Liquids, Solids, Semi-solids or Gaseous material.
  • Can support multiple functions – Inline Systems, Mixing processes, Kneaders, Blenders, Dissolvers, Heating and Cooling tanks, etc.
  • Can be mounted to new or be retrofitted to existing vessels/tanks/Hoppers.

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